Custom T-Shirts: The Ultimate Advertising Tool for Your Business


Looking for an effective way to get your company's message across? Want to promote your brand or idea to a wider audience? Consider custom t-shirts. Not only are they a fun and creative way to advertise, but they can also help you achieve specific business goals like increasing sales and building brand awareness.

Here are five reasons why your company needs custom t-shirts:

  1. Free Advertising: T-shirts are a highly visible and memorable form of advertising. When people wear your custom shirt, they become a walking billboard for your business, spreading the word about your brand everywhere they go.
  2. Cost-Effective: Contrary to popular belief, custom t-shirts are affordable. The cost of screen printing ten adult t-shirts starts at around $15 per shirt. Plus, the more you order, the more you save. You can also use custom t-shirts as a way to reward and motivate employees by gifting them with free branded apparel.
  3. Increased Sales: Studies show that having a logo on something people wear can build brand loyalty and awareness. Using custom t-shirts as promotional items can help increase sales, especially when you give them to customers who make a purchase. And once people start wearing your t-shirts, they're more likely to buy other products with your logo on them.
  4. Promote Events: Custom t-shirts are an excellent way to promote events, making them memorable and exciting. They are also a great conversation starter, which can turn event guests into potential customers.
  5. Boost Morale: Custom t-shirts are perfect for team-building and fostering a sense of company pride. When employees wear the same shirt with the same logo, they feel like part of the same team. It's an excellent way to inspire people to work together for your company goals, and it can boost morale.

Bottom Line:

Custom t-shirts are a fun and creative way to advertise your business. They are cost-effective, highly visible, and can help you achieve specific business goals. At 101 Custom Prints, we offer the best in custom apparel printing to help you achieve your branding and employee t-shirt needs. Our shop is one-of-a-kind, and we offer limitless designing options at an affordable price.

If you're looking to grow your brand or company with custom shirts, talk to us today! Visit our website at to get started.