5 Benefits of Car Magnets

LF Roofing & Construction Magnet
LF Roofing & Construction Magnet

Would you like a walking - or moving advertisement for your business? Then a car magnet might be the advertising solution that's needed for your business.

A bold ad that moves along with your vehicle, generating impressions for your business and targeting local customers as you drive around and get stuck in traffic, can be quite the way to effectively cut through the noise and make your brand stand out. It's also less of a commitment than getting a vehicle wrap or getting a custom paint job for your vehicle.
If you are considering adding car magnets to your marketing strategy, here are the main benefits of getting a car magnet advertisement.

1) They're inexpensive

You'll find that car magnet are an extremely cost-effective method of advertising and will more than give you a return on investment. And unlike a billboard, it's mobile! Digital ad campaigns or billboards have high up-front costs and require purchase over and over again. Car magnets are a one-time purchase. A couple of car magnets purchased at a low price can provide effective advertising for years.

2) They convey legitimacy and trust

Applying a car magnet to your company vehicle makes your business look legitimate and well-run. They make your business look more trustworthy and reputable and that you'll provide a good product or service.

3) Versatility

Car magnets work on any ground vehicle model. You can customize your car magnet to fit everything from a small sedan to a large company truck or SUV. They can effectively market almost any type of small business. Moreover, they can easily be removed and put on another vehicle. Even putting a car magnet on your own car turns your personal vehicle into a branded company car.

4) Low Upkeep

Car magnets are incredibly easy to install and remove, and they won't cause any damage or abrasion to your vehicle. Getting a vehicle wrap or stickers carries the possibility of damaging your paint job and requires quite a bit of upkeep.

5) Great Brand Awareness

As mentioned, car magnets take your advertising campaign mobile! It also targets potential customers directly in the area in which your business operates. Everyone from pedestrians and other drivers will see your ad on the street or even neighbors if you're vehicle is parked in a neighborhood. Vehicle advertising can generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions on a daily basis. A car magnet can be a great touch point to introduce customers to your business and raise awareness for your brand.

If you're in the Lincoln, NE area or beyond and want to include car magnets as a part of your marketing strategy, we're here to help.

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