Custom Hoodies: Picking the Best Material, Fit, and Style


It's not just the spooky season, the Thanksgiving season, or even the Christmas season. It's hoodie season. That means people are searching for their next couple of favorite hoodies to add to their rotation this winter season. So, what's the best kind of hoodie to sell to them? Or what kind of hoodie would represent your company or sports team best? 

When it comes to customization or sales, choosing the perfect hoodie is crucial. What kind of material feels best, how much can you customize, and how well does it fit? All questions you should ask before committing to your next order. Luckily, we have some potential answers for you in the list below. Check it out and see if any of these options sound like a good fit.

5. Hanes Ecosmart Hoodie P170 

A perfect balance of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabric. If you're printing only on the exterior, this may be the hoodie for you. The quality fabric, style, lightweight, and pricing all easily put the Hanes-Ecosmart in the top five.

One issue with this is if you're trying to put your brand on the label tag area, you may want to look elsewhere. The Hanes hoodie doesn't let you customize the area due to their brand already being printed on the inside. 

Where it lacks customization, it is made up of 20 colors to choose from. This hoodie also serves as the perfect fit. Not too long on the arms and not too short for those who need to stay bundled up but not look like you're wearing your dad's college hoodie.

While the price is great, the after-wash outcome may make more sense. Occasionally the cord string is prone to get stuck in the wash cycle, making the hoodie unravel at times. The P170 holds up well outside of that with no shrinkage post-wash.

4. Fruit of the Loom Sofspun SF76R

Weighing in at only 7 ounces, this hoodie is the definition of lightweight. It's unique in that it has a darker grey interior as opposed to being the same color throughout. The length is American Standard that runs just over where your belt would be.

The downside? The material. Sometimes lightweight can be too light and too thin. It makes more sense to go with brands like Gildan, Jerseys, and Independent who have a similar price but better quality material.

Sure, the hoodie does its job and keeps you warm but it may not have the high-value material as the brands coming up later in the list. Meaning if you run your hand over the hoodie, you can probably feel the fabric's grooves.

On a positive note, the SF76R came out unscathed from the washing machine. While it has a longer lifecycle, we recommend it as a beater hoodie. Something you can buy in bulk for a paintball squad, little league, or just for a yearly family hiking trip. It's the G-shock of hoodies per se.

3. JERZEES Nublend Hoodie

Though hanging in the middle of the pack, this JERZEES Nublend hoodie gets the job done without much of a wow factor emphasis. With a standard American athletic fit, the sleeve and torso length earn this hoodie in a top three spot and nearly on par with the one and two spots.

This is also a heavier hoodie weighing in at 8 ounces made up of 50/50 polyester and cotton. With that being said, it's not the softest hoodie you could wear.

The torso hangs a snug 2 inches under your belt and as far as customization goes, you can even print along the side of it due to its seamless body and set-in sleeves. Did we mention it's high stitch density? That means your branding prints will come out nice and smooth.

This hoodie has no washing machine shrinkage whatsoever and comes with 30 colors to choose from making it the hoodie with the most color options on the list.

It's a good hoodie, but more of a standard pick. Don't know what to choose or don't care enough to weigh your options? Maybe you need to get your designs out quickly or your little league season starts next week. This is your safest bet to pull the trigger on.

2. Gildan Heavy Blend 18500 Hoodie

Thicc with two c's baby. This hoodie is the Chevy Truck month of all hoodies. Heavy-duty material, well constructed, durable, and soft inside.

We're going up an ounce from the previous hoodie shoutout. This hoodie weighs in at 8 ounces in Gildan Heavy cotton. A perfect jacket for something like a cold morning cross-fit group or just colder zones in general where hoodies are more prevalent. Looks good. Performs better.

While it's perfectly thick and durable, it may not be the perfect length. The 18500 tends to nuzzle up above the waistline. So while most of your body is snug, your bellow button may catch a draft now and then if you order your usual size. We're exaggerating, but some people prefer their hoodies a little longer to prevent any shrinkage scares. This hoodie rides that fine line.

Negatives aside, the 18500 comes with great quality, affordability, and over 25 colors to choose from. If you want a hoodie that keeps you, your company, or customers a little warmer then this may do the trick.

1. Independent Mid-weight SS45500 Hoodie

Sharp, sexy, and just straight stylish. Ladies and gentlemen this is the heaviest hoodie on the list with a weight of 8.5 ounces. With an extra soft material, the SS45500 is perfectly balanced to fit casual or sporty needs. Not too thin. Not too thick. Just right, Mama Bear. It's a modern tailored fit with longer-length sleeves and a torso that stays in place even after multiple washes due to its tapered bottom. No butt cracks or belly buttons are shown here.

If you're looking for a stylish hoodie that would represent your brand best while also feeling like a wearable pillow, this is it. That's why the Independent Mid-weight SS45500 comes in at the top of the list.


Remember when choosing your next hoodie order what's most important to you. Whether you want a heavy-duty or lightweight, cheaper or highest quality, just be sure to weigh out what you need. 

Pat yourself on the back. You are now officially a certified hoodie expert, and what's even better is we have every single option listed, ready to customize to your liking. But if none of these options hit it off with you, don't worry. We have over 250 garments to choose from. While that may seem like a lot, we'll help you narrow down which one works best for you and your company. Ready to get started? Get a Quote today!