How to Apply Custom Decal(s)?


Regardless of your decal, there are a couple of general rules to follow:

  1. For best results, Installation should be in temperatures above 50°F(10°C) and below 90°F(32°C)
  2. You should always clean the application surface before applying the decal-remove all dirt, dust, grease, etc.
  3. When applying, begin in one corner/side and work your way out from there. Don't place the decal all at once as this can lead to large air bubbles
  4. Use a squeegee to get rid of small/minor air bubbles-it is normal to have small air bubbles following installation, most of them will work their way out after 24 hours.
  5. Place the (removed) backing as a liner between the squeegee and the decal to prevent scratch marks from the squeegee.
  6. You can use a dry erase marker (on applicable surfaces) or masking tape to ensure better positioning and more accuracy when applying your decal.